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Telecom transmission implementation

Our Company has been performing telecom transmission implementations since its foundation.

Our special transmission teams with many years of experience perform an excellent quality work, and their work met the Clients? needs. Due to our experience we are often do pioneer work in the techniques to be installed and in these cases we do the first installations as well.

Our company expends much energy and pays great attention to the conditions of the quality implementation and the provision of the performance. Owing to this all our Clients are satisfied with the works we have performed.


  • Installation, replacement, rotating, removal small-, medium and high capacity (PDH, SDH) microwave sections:
    • Installation of microwave equipment with feeder connection (indoor unit, outdoor antenna)
    • Installation of cable or feeder line
    • Programming microwave equipment according to data sheet
    • Building out signals of indoor unit and the transmission path
    • Preparation of handover documentation
    • RICI installation
    • Removal  of the link
  • Installation, demolition of LAN p-p section and hot-spot
    • Installation of p-p antennas with positioning, cabling
    • Installation of switch, router
    • Installation of access point with cablings, antennas
    • Installation of remote powering unit
    • Installation of IT cabinet
    • Building-up transmission path
    • Preparation of handover documentation
    • Removal of WLAN devices
  • Installation, demolition of fiber trunks
    • Installation of fiber cable
    • Welding of fiber cable
    • Installation and extraction of optical distribution frame
    • Installation of optical modem
    • Fiber cable measurement
  • Formation and reconstruction of telecom transmission base stations
    • Infrastructural building up of telecom room
    • Rearrangement of the frames, distribution frames of the operating equipment of the existing room
    • DC replacement of the operating equipment
  • Installation, replacement of the telecom transmission nodes (SDH, IP, MPLS, etc.):
    • Installation of node, signal extraction
    • Extraction of ports
    • Installation of Harris frame
    • Installation of required distribution frames
    • Removal of node and the connected ports
    • Supplying data after the completion of the work
  • Repair , measurement etc. of telecom transmission devices
    • Troubleshooting of operating and out-of-service devices
    • Repair, renewal of damaged devices
    • Testing, maintenance, conversion of devices