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Mobile towers and stations

Our Company disposes of towers required for the formation of mobile stations.

The maximum height of the tower structure is 40m. On its top three pieces sector antennas and at 20m high two pieces microwave antennas (or other with equivalent load) and/or wind speed measuring and wind direction measuring sensors can be installed. Base of the tower has possibility of outdoor equipments installation.

Possible mounting heights: from 12 m to 40 m ,according to the antenna?s height demand. The placing of the antennas and supply cables takes place after the protruding of the tower, with rope access technique.

For the installation of tower necessary place of a near equilateral triangle the side length of which is approx. 17.0 m. Collabsible legs can compenate 1m ground level differences between legs.

The construction is self-standing, self-mounting and transportable without dismountling. The towing hook of the trailer, its electric and pneumatic connections are standard ones.