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Renewable energy

The solutions based on wind power play a significant role among the renewable energy sources of these days. The precondition of the utilization of wind power is the studying of the prevailing wind conditions and other meteorological characteristics at the planned location of the wind power plant.
Our Company offers complex methods for the measurement of meteorological characteristics. It includes the meteorological sensors most suitable for the particular task, intelligent data collection systems, remote management and (or) data download module, as well as in case of the lack of the 220 VAC mains supply the optional solar power supply system. If our Client requires, we can provide a mobile tower, which can be protruded up to a height of maximum 40m, or the designing, licensing, production and installation of a custom-design and size mobile tower.


For the preliminary survey of the establishing and control during operation of wind power plants we recommend the professional wind speed measuring and wind direction measuring sensors of Lambrecht GmbH.. We have already many years of experience with these sensors (at 16 sites in the area of the country) and they operate faultlessly at minimum maintenance.

For the measurement of other meteorological parameters (secondary wind direction and wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, amount of precipitation) we apply the Davis Instruments Corp.Cabled Vantage Pro2? semi-professional sensor.


We connect the sensor directly to the data collection system, avoiding the interposition of the unit (Envoy) meaning significant extra cost, which increases the operational reliability by reducing the hardware- and software elements.

We supply the data collection system with a solution consisting of a hardware of nested system and a LINUX-based software. In addition to the central unit the hardware and software are the own development of our Company. This is the way we can ensure the quick serving of the special needs of our Clients at guaranteed quality. The data collection system has LAN connection too, which enables the immediate (real-time) displaying of the measured data even through WEB.

In case we aroused your interest, for further information please contact our colleagues, , who are at your disposal.