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Site searching, licensing

Our Company continuously develops its service, that is why, - fulfilling the expectations of its customers - it included site searching into its scope of activities in the year 2002.

The task of our site searching division is to find a site capable for being contracted, which meets the Client?s needs, also acceptable for various competent authorities, arrangement of concluding contract and obtaining the licenses necessary for and/or after the performance.


  • Localization, surveying the potential construction site(s) on the specified area on the basis of the Client?s need
  • Establishing and keeping contact with the Owners
  • A comprehensive site search report is made up for the Client on the surveying of the site, with photos included
  • Arrangement of the lease contracts, other associated contracts (right-of-way, cabling, submeter, etc.) and the preliminary authority reconciliations on the basis of the technical perambulations
  • To act in the course of the licensing procedure on the basis of the Construction Permit Design Documentation provided by the Client
  • In continuous co-operation with the authority, and permanent contact keeping with the competent authorities we promote that the Building Authority of First Instance should make positive decision on the merits within the available deadline and issue the legally Granted Building Permit within 90 days from the submitting
  • Following the completion of the station obtaining the legally binding Occupancy Permit on the basis of the documents provided by the Client, after this we manage the necessary land registration office clauses as well as the inclusion of the building.


During the last years we participated in the acquisition works in many hundred sites to the highest satisfaction of our Clients.