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Commissioning, Integration

The main activity of our Company is the installation of radio equipment, the finishing work procedures of which include the commissioning and integration. In the course of this activity our properly qualified radio experts configure the equipment according to the Client?s needs and start it integrated in the existing system.

The commissioning team members attend the relevant further education courses, which are necessary for them to be able for the integration into the Client equipment.


  • Software-based configuring of radio equipment
  • Equipment tests and setting various performances
  • Setting the transmission paths
  • Running tests
  • Error detection and repair of radio equipment
  • In case if exchange of existing equipment transferring the existing configuration into the new equipment.
  • Feeder line measurements, Measurement Record Sheets, fault localization


In the course of the last 3 years we have performed the radio commissioning works at more than 1200 sites to the highest satisfaction of our Clients.