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Obstruction lighting

Beside other activities Sziget-Com Zrt designs and constructs electric networks, as well as develops, designs and constructs obstruction lighting systems.
Our Company obstruction builds lighting systems on communication towers, water towers, chimney stacks, tall buildings as well as on any such places, where the safety of air transport requires it, and where the air authority demands the use of obstruction lighting.

A special emphasis is laid on the application of LED obstruction signalling lighting fittings considered to be the most modern technique, which distinguishes itself not only by its energy saving operation but also by its long life. This latter highly decreases the maintenance costs of these systems as well.
In many cases it is worth to replace the still operating but obsolete obstruction signalling lighting fittings by new LED-type lighting fittings, because the investment costs will be compensated within a few years by the less power-consumption and the significant reduction of the maintenance costs.
We perform our work with the full knowledge of the effective regulations, standards and the international recommendations (ICAO - ANNEX-14) with our own electrician team. Our experts are given regular training, and they took examination in industrial rope access, so they are able to perform electrical fitting works on tall structures.

In the year 2005 Sziget-Com 2005 concluded an sole distributor contract with Dialight Corporation (USA) for distributing obstruction lighting lamps and the related devices.


  • Designing of obstruction lighting systems, distributing-equipment
  • Manufacturing control- and distributing-equipment
  • Mounting new obstruction lighting systems (with rope access technique)
  • Renewal and modernization of existing system
  • Maintenance
  • Safety tests (shockproof protection, lightning and overvoltage protection, EBF)
  • Distribution of Dialight lighting fittings and other devices

For further information on Dialight obstruction lights and on our activity performed in this field please visit this site:


In the field of designing and implementation of obstruction lighting systems we have many years of experience. Our designing and implementation works cover the entire area of the country.

During recent years we achieved successes in the field of the domestic distribution of the Dialight products. he modern obstruction lighting lamps of Dialight were applied in several domestic projects.