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Distribution box designing and production

Our Company has been dealing since its foundation with the designing and production of 0.4 kV power, installation and control technique AC, and 48 V DC distribution boxes, typically up to 1600A. The satisfaction of our Clients proves the success of our many years of experience in this field.


We undertake to design distribution boxes in the basis of the surveying of the needs, or on the basis of schematic working design. The designing work is performed by our colleague having designer authorization. We prepare the drawings with AutoCad program according to the high standard quality needs. We enclose an as-built drawing of the distribution boxes in all cases.


For the production of distribution boxes we have a skilled, experienced erection crew, equipped with the technical, tooling and instrumentation abilities required for the production.

During the last years the erection crew has been produced several thousand distribution boxes, control cabinets on the basis of decades of experience, in many cases field distribution up to a power range of 1,110 kW ( 1600A ). The production process takes place in all cases under a strict quality control, according to the technology instruction we elaborated. We also perform the individual test and the required measurements on the completed distribution boxes in all cases.

Quality Management, Documentation:

Our Company has been successfully operating the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management system for several years. Today we have MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 certificate. In addition concerning the designing and production of the distribution boxes and the CE marking we have a qualification on the basis of the audit performed by MEEI (Hungarian Institute for Testing Electrical Equipment).

Number of MEEI production control certificate: M13 2692215 01

Wee keep a database on the distribution boxes we designed and produced, and archive the documents related to the designing and production. We apply a uniform TYCO marking system on the completed equipment, which includes also the name plate placed on the equipment.

We prepare Quality Certificate, Declaration of Conformity, Measurement Record Sheet and As-built Design for the distribution boxes in all cases. We place the CE marking on our distribution boxes in accordance with the EU directives and the domestic regulations, for verifying that the distribution box produced by us does not endanger the environment, and does not mean any harm for the living organisms in case of proper use.

Our references:

Our scope of Clients includes among others Vodafone Magyarország Zrt, Hager Kft, Vilati Kft, MVS GmbH. etc.

Applied materials and devices:

We have been a priority box manufacturer of HAGER Kft., and it is a privilege for us to have the opportunity to use the quality distribution boxes and appliances of a highly respected German manufacturer, as well as we enjoy the support of the manufacturing HAGER company. Due to the close connection with the manufacturer we are able to produce distribution boxes of high technical standard at a very favourable price position.

In addition to the aforesaid we routinely use distribution boxes and appliances made by Schneider Electric ( Merlin Gerin ), Hensel, m-Schneider, Socomec, ETI, etc., in accordance with the needs of our Clients and/or the raised environment requirements. When selecting the distribution box we always take into consideration the characteristics of the place of installation and the needs of operation too.