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Industrial rope access technique implementations

Our Company has been performing industrial rope access technique implementations since its foundation. The industrial rope access technique implementation is often interconnected with the implementation of base stations. Namely the antennas and transmission technique equipment of the mobile providers require significant heights.

The majority of our colleagues has industrial rope access technician qualification, and the personal apparatus necessary for the work performance. The apparatus includes all alpinist devices and ropes which ensure the safe work at great heights.


  • Special rope access technique implementation of base stations
  • Demolition, reinforcement of industrial chimney stacks
  • Reinforcement of steel towers
  • Reinforcement of water towers
  • Installation of radio equipment, antennas and cables on sidewall, towers, chimney stack
  • Installation, mounting, reinforcement of steel structure at great heights
  • Painting, renewal of steel structures, towers
  • Construction works using rope access technique
  • Welding, grinding, painting of steel structure using rope access technique


Since 1995 we have performed more than 6000 on-site implementation works using rope access technique to the highest satisfaction of our Clients.