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Construction works

Our company has been performing construction works since 1995. All our employees performing construction work have industrial rope access technician qualification in addition to their special field, so even the special condition mean no obstacle in the course of our work.        
We perform our implementations at short date, in a flexible way, at high precision, the result of which is the professional quality, with which we satisfied the need of all Clients.

With a wide-ranging subcontractor connection (craning, earthwork, special transportation etc.) we fulfilled all arising implementation requirements. We are equipped with all means which enable us, to fulfil our implementations in any conditions (geodetic, meteorological), as far as possible.


  • Preparation of the location of complete steel structures, their installation
  • Preparation of the location of telecom base station container, their installation
  • Preparation of tower and container foundations in soils of any geodetic nature, on building, next to chimney stack etc.
  • Strengthening reinforced concrete radio towers (Antenna Hungária), chimney stacks, steel-lattice towers, water towers, supervision, replacement of anchoring, and instrument adjustment of rope force.
  • Formation of load carriers in-building
  • Making cable opening throughs on walls of any material. We have water-cooled drill up to a diameter of 250, cutting concrete, making openings with water sawing-machine up to 600 mm.
  • Raising towers (currently we raise towers of 100m high), geodetic setting-out, and tower setting.
  • Installation of tree-structure towers
  • Tree-structure fences, and container coverings
  • Painting works of all type and surface (container, tower, room etc.)
  • Full-scale architectural formation of telecommunication network base stations
  • Production of steel structures (hot dip-galvanized, painted, or made of stainless materials)
  • Installation of uplink base stations (Magyar Telecom, DigiTV)
  • On-site modification of existing steel structures
  • Roof insulation, roof modification
  • Joinery works
  • Carpenter?s work
  • Tinning
  • Road and area formation (asphalt, outdoor stone-surfacing, chipping, draining etc.)
  • Formation of the doors and windows of buildings falling under preservation of monuments of materials not blocking radio waves (in front of microwave and sector antennas)
  • Moving of steel structure, container, concrete structures onto any site (for example on the top of a 10-storey building 20-foot container, hilltop, tower etc.)
  • Conditioning technique, formation of fire protection of steel structures, installation of fire protection systems.
  • Measurement of strain, displacement of steel structures.


Our implementations cover all kinds of construction work activities related to all kinds of telecommunication network implementation, as a result of which we participated in the construction work of more than one thousand base stations. Including:

  • Flat roof and hipped roof base stations (existing and new ones)
  • Lattice towers
  • Monopol type towers
  • Mounting on existing towers
  • Mounting on water towers
  • Mounting on chimney stacks
  • Mounting on silos
  • Indoor station (provision of the indoor coverage in shopping centres, halls)
  • Mounting in buildings being under preservation of monuments
  • Installation under special conditions (in forest, on hilltop, under water, on areas non-accessible with motor vehicle etc.)