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Electric power supply implementation

Our Company has been dealing with the designing and implementation of the power supply related to the implementation of telecommunication base stations since its foundation

The implementation works are carried out by the own professional electrician team and a qualified subcontractor. Our experts are given regular training. They took examination in industrial rope access, so they are able to perform electrical fitting works on tall structures. Of course we have the tools necessary for the above mentioned work. The implementation works are directed by registered Responsible Site Managers.

The supervision of the new implementation works and the periodic supervision of the already existing equipment closely belong to the electric implementation, which we can perform on our own resources.


  • Building up metering point all over the country
  • Full electric fitting implementation both in buildings and greenfield investments
  • Installation of lightning protection and overvoltage protection
  • Earth cable laying (for this purpose we have trenching machine and earth boring equipment)
  • Installation of obstruction lighting on towers and other tall structures) (Dilight)
  • Installation of satellite uplink base station
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing and installing distribution box
  • Arrangement of connecting-ups
  • Building DC power networks
  • Open ditch geodetic plotting (with GPS) for land registration office and cable right-of-way licensing.
  • Earthing system of 100 m high anemometer towers.
  • Carrying out of shockproof protection supervision (ÉV)
  • Performing the supervision of lightning protection (VV)
  • Supervision of electric equipment (EBF) - so called electric fire protection supervision
  • Insulation testing (SZM), - measurement of equipment, cables, distributors, equipment

Our qualifications, our authorizations

  • Qualified contractor - installation of metering point all over the country


  • Westel Kft. - 21 pcs base stations
  • T-Mobile Magyarország Communication Rt. (Westel 900 Rt.) - approx. 150 base stations
  • Pannon GSM Communication Rt. - more than one hundred base stations
  • Vodafone Magyarország Rt. - electric implementation at 900 base stations (Building-up new ones and conversion, extension of existing ones)
  • NOKIA Kft. - Vodafone project - implementation at more than 350 base station
  • Ericsson Communication Kft. - 22 pcs base stations
  • PanTel Kft. - 12 pcs base stations.
  • Antenna Hungária - Designing
  • Siemens - 210 implementations (feeding-in, earthing)
  • Magyar Telecom - 215 implementations