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Our Company has been performing radio-engineering implementations since its foundation.

Our special radio teams with many years of experience perform an excellent quality work, and their work met the Clients? needs. Due to our experience we are often do pioneer work in the techniques to be installed and in these cases we do the first installations as well.

Our company expends much energy and pays great attention to the conditions of the quality implementation and the provision of the performance. Owing to this all our Clients are satisfied with the works we have performed.


  • radio-engineering surveys, straight-line view study, status surveying
  • installation, commissioning, integration, testing (GSM/DCS/UMTS) of radio equipments
  • mounting, positioning, measurement of antennas, laying and measurement of coaxial and fiber feeder line
  • installation, programming, testing, commissioning of microwave links
  • replacement and swapping of existing radio equipment at minimum off-time
  • installation of telecom networks inside the building
  • installation of point-multipoint equipment
  • preparing the record sheet of radio-engineering measurements and settings
  • optical frames and equipment
  • installation of splitter, diplexer, triplexer
  • installation, configuring, measurement, commissioning of optical multiplexer, demultiplexer
  • installation of optical, coaxial, symmetrical distribution frames


Since 1995 we have performed more than 6000 in-site radio implementation works to the highest satisfaction of our Clients.